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Location: Coralville, Iowa

December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes 2010

Merry Christmas from Iowa!

601 Holiday Road, Coralville, Iowa 52241 - 319-358-2311 -

Family and Friends,

We’ve had another year of growth and blessing here in eastern Iowa. Among the highlights:

  • Robyn gave up the icy overnights of delivering newspapers and took on a new job as auditor and desk clerk at our nearby Holiday Inn. Her mother has been dealing with some health issues this year. Robyn and the kids spent a week in Texas in July visiting their grandparents.
  • Michael, in May, celebrated a decade of work with the academic advising office at the U of Iowa. He still misses pastoral ministry after a year and a half or retirement but enjoys helping with ministry at our church.
  • Schyler, now 12, began junior high this Fall. He’s adapting well and enjoying extracurricular activities with music and computers.
  • Quentin, 10, had the busiest year of all with orchestra (cello), band (trombone), baseball and now wrestling (a very big deal in Iowa.)
  • Alina, 7, is busy with school activities and piano and birthday parties and all things pink and purple.

All-in-all, it has been a good year with many blessings, friends, and memories. Our celebration of Christmas has already begun with the kids participating in the church Christmas program. Michael’s brother is flying in from SC on Christmas Eve. Our new kitten (giving us five total cats) is busy attacking the Christmas tree and wrapping paper. May you all experience the wonder of the season found in the manger.

Michael, Robyn, Schyler, Quentin, and Alina


Blogger Deacon V said...

Merry Christmas! Robyn's mother is in my prayers.

Sun Dec 26, 07:06:00 PM CST  

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